Top 3 Winners

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Top 3s for each challenge are as voted by our design team.  Please take a badge from our sidebar for your relevant placing.

Congratulations to all our Top 3s and we hope you will return and share your work with us again at Crafty Boots Challenges!! :)

Top 3s will be announced following the closure of the next challenge (i.e. a minimum of 2 weeks after the challenge ends).  This is to allow our team time to visit all your blogs and vote.

Winter Wonderland

First:  19. Karen P

Second:  27.  Srebrnolistka

Third:  48. Repolainen

Our congratulations to Karen, Srebrnolistka and Pirjo.


First:  1. Jana K.

Joint Second: 15. Srebrnolistka

Joint Second:  164. Coops

Third:  136. Rosina

Our congratulations to Jana, Srebrnolistka, Coops and Rosina.

See the Wood for the Trees

First:  27. Zora

Second:  20. Irana Stefanova

Joint Third:  2. Helen

Joint Third:  13. Joan W

Our congratulations to Zora, Irana, Helen and Joan.

Things with Wings

First:  47 Andrea Norris

Second:  27 Francesca

Third;  56.  Papersniffer

Our congratulations to Andrea, Francesca and Wendy.


First:  1. Ans Gilbert

Joint Second:  21. Lisa J

Joint Secod:  50. Teresa

Third:  10. Kathie

Our congratulations to Ans, Lisa, Teresa and Kathie.


Joint First: 34.  Lisa J

Joint First:  19. Cecilia Gunnersson

Second:  38. NanaConnie

Third:  26. Marina

Our congratlations to Lisa, Cecilia, Connie and Marina.


First:  80. Branka

Second:  85. Deanne #2

Third:  23 Pat K

Our congratulations to Branka, Deanne and Pat.

All Squared Up

First:  14. Emily Shroom

Second:  29. Zosiukowamuma

Third:  4. Kathie

Our congratulations to Emily, Karolina and Kathie

You are my Sunshine

First:  14. N-Eva

Second:  11.  Keti's Projects

Joint Third:  10. Carol Gill

Joint Third:  21. Vesela Soba

Our congratulations to N-Eva, Keti, Carol and Vesela.

Anything But a Card

Joint First:  7.  Jana K

Joint First:  7.  Jana K

Second:  13. Srebrnolistka

Third:  42. Twisted Witch

Our congratulations to Jana, Srebrnolistka and Lin.

Use a Stamp

First:  136. Darlene Pavlick

Second:  118. Marilyn Webb

Third:  111. Patty

Our congratulations to Darlene, Marilyn and Patty.

Picture Challenge

First:  2. Zoechaos

Second:6.  Papersniffer

Third:  4.  NannaDonna

Our congratulations to Zoe, Wendy and Donna.

Christmas in July

First:  19 Ans Gilbert

Second:  39. Claire C

Joint Third:  82. Deanne

Joint Third:  90 Carole J J

Our congratulations to Ans, Claire, Deanne and Carole.

Summer Time

First:  53. Helen

Second:  45. Chriss

Third:  20. Billie A

Our congratulations to Helen, Chriss and Billie.

Masculine Cards

First:  22. Andree Clark

Second:  87. Lisa Anderson

Third:  35. Carol Gill

Our congratulations to Andree, Lisa and Carol.

Butterflies and Bees

First:  23. Julie P.

Second:  26. Jana K.

Third:  32. Pamellia

Our congratulations to Julie, Jana and Pamellia.

Queens, Princesses and Crowns

First:16. Pat K.

Second:  12. Teresa

Joint Third:  1. Silvia

13. N-Eva

Our congratulations to Pat, Teresa, Silvia and N-Eva.


First:  55. Jane's Journal

Second:  37. Cicci Vid Pennan

Third:  25. Marlene

Our congratulations to Jane, Cicci and Marlene.

Use a Sentiment

First:  91. Jana K.

Second:  56. Marilyn Webb

Third:  23. Cicci Vid Pennan

Our congratulations to Jana, Marilyn and Cicci.

Spring is in the Air

First: 2.  Maxine D

Second:  29.  Karasiowa

Third:  30.  Carol Gill

Our congratulations to Maxine, Karasiowa and Carol.


First:  69. Aunty Sue

Second:  21. Lorraine A

Third:  60. Maya

Our congratulations to Sue, Lorraine and Maya.

Something for the Lady

First:  92. Tanjana

Second:  116. Flamingstar

Third:  18. Tanvi

Our congratulations to Tanjana, Julie and Tanvi.

No Stamps Allowed

First:  56. Silje Kristin

Second:  8. Srebrnolistka

Third:  61. Jana K

Our congratulations to Silje, Srebrnolistka and Jana.

Love is in the Air

First:  111. Pamellia

Second:  11. Jan R

Third:  98. Sharon

Our congratulations to Pamellia, Jan and Sharon.

Ribbon and Lace

First:  114.  Mans de Fada

Second:  20. Ginny B

Third:  84. Ina

Our congratulations to Mans, Ginny and Ina.

Something Old, Something New

First:  15. Pamellia

Second:  90 Sadie L

Third:  3. Kathy Schweinfurth

Our congratulations to Pamellia, Sadie and Kathy.

Snow and Sparkle

First:  37. Pamellia

Second:  36. Betina

Third:  20. Jane's Journal

Our congratulations to Pamellia, Betina and Jane.


First:  65.  Leslie Turner

Second:  89.  Julie P

Third:  139.  Lisbeth

Our congratulations to Leslie, Julie and Lisbeth.

Spots or Dots

First:  5.  Srebrnolistka

Second:  1.  Lisa J.

Third:  36, Suzi Mac

Our congratulations to Srebrnolistka, Lisa and Suzi.


First: 4.  Lorraine A

Second:  5.  Leona

Third:  11.  Jade

Our congratulations to Lorraine, Leona and Jade.

Autumn and Halloween

First:  45.  Cicci Vid Pennan

Second:  64. Steffi (kreative Nachtschicht)

Third::  80.  Pat K.

Our congratulations to Cicci, Stephi and Pat.


First:  59.  Silje Kristin

Second:  3.  Ans Gilbert

Third:  10.  Jen L

Our congratulations to Silje, Ans and Jen.

Gold or Sliver

First:  9.  Ammaris Art

Second:  18. Lorraine A

Third:  19.  Lozzy

Our congratulations to Ammaris Art, Lorraine and Lozzy.


First:  8.  Emma R

Second:  30.  Susan (Edenland Designs)

Third:  14.  Julie O

Our congratulations to Emma, Susan and Julie.

Sketch II

First: 4. Teresa

Second:  3. Julia Quinn

Third:  1. Renee Torres

Our congratulations to Teresa, Julia and Renee.

Fair and Square

First:   94. Mandy Stacy

Second:  93.  Andrea Norris

Third:  2.  Twisted Witch aka Lin

Our congratulations to Mandy, Andrea and Lin.

Life's a Beach

First:19.  Kavitha

Second:  14.  Brigit

Third:  15.  Esther

Our congratulations to Kavitha, Brigit and Esther.

Christmas in July

First: 6. Chrissy

Second: 72. Lisbeth

Third:  25. Paperaniffer

Our congratulations to Chrissy, Lisbeth and Wendy.

Stars and Stripes

First:  28. Pia

Second:  7. Sharon

Third:  2. Tiziana B

Our congratulations to Pia, Saron and Tiziana B.

Black and White Challenge

First:  2. Lozzy

Second:  13 Maguda

Third:  4. Julia Quinn

Our congratulations to Lozzy, Maguda and Julia.

Father's Day/Masculine Projects Challenge

First:83. Katrina Bufton

Second:  Diane H

Our congratulations to Katrina, Diane and Jackie.

Sketch Challenge

First:  1. Marina

Second:  2. Birgit

Third:  4. Lisa J

Our congratulations to Marina, Birgit and Lisa.

Ribbon or Lace

First:  9.  Julie P

Second:  25.  Maya

Third:  54.  Carol Gill

Our congratulations to Julie, Maya and Carol.

Things with Wings

First:  149.  Ammaris Art

Second:  25.  Amelia B

Third:  81 Donna Mindinger

Our congratulations to Ammanis Art, Aelia and Donna.

Red, White or Blue

First:  8. Rachael E

Second:  23.  Silje Kristin

Third:  22. Karen H

Our congratulations to Rachael, Silje and Karen.


First:  44. Ammaris

Second:  2. Tone K

Third:  27. Tracy F

Our congratulations to Ammaris, Tone and Tracy.


First: 36. Lula

Second:  23. Birgit

Third:  63. Rebecca Gillard

Congratulations to Lula, Birgit and Rebecca.

Anything but a Card

First:  9. Tracey F

Second:  46. Julie P

Third:  22. Twisted Witch

Our congratulations to Tracey, Julie and Lin

Use a Sentiment

First:  107. Srebrnolistka

Second:  19.  Kym

Third:  58. Lisa J

Our congratulations to Srebnolistka,  Kym and Lisa

Hearts and Valentines

First:  145. Srebrnolistka

Second:  28. Andrea Novris

Third:  47. Lalkygirl

Our congratulations to Srebnolistka, Andrea and Lalkygirl.


First:  21. Karen H

Second:  46. Cheremane

Third:  74. Scatty Jan

Our congratulations to Karen, Cheremane and Jan.

Out with the Old and In with the New

First:  46. Carol Gill

Second:  28. Mandy Stacey

Third:  54. Coops

Our congratulations to Carol, Mandy and Coops.

Winter Wonderland

First:  21. Julie P

Second:  34. Pamellia

Third:  5. HeidiD

Our congratulations to Julie, Pamellia and Heidi.


First:  18. Pamellia

Second:  175. Sue U

Third:  164. Debbie S

Our congratulations to Pamellia, Sue and Debbie.


It has never happened before but we have a three way tie for this Challenge.  In alphabetical order they are:

11.  Jane's Journal

8.  Lorraine A

13,  Sandra

Our congratulations to Lorraine, Jane and Sandra.


First:  2.  Ike

Second:  1.  N-Eva

Third:  7.  Donna Mundinger

Our congratulations to Ike, N-Eva and Donna.


First:  7.  Sonia S.V.

Second:  5.  Lovecraftingpaper

Third:  8.  Jennifer Scull

Our congratulations to Sonia, Mariangela and Jennifer.


First:  85.  Gunn-Eirill

Second:  89.  Kirsten

Third:  87.  Annette Stapylton

Our congratulations to Gunn-Eirill, Kirsten and Annette.


First: 4. Zielonaliska

Second:  24.  Pauline

Third:  6.  Yvette

Our congratulations to Zielonaliska, Pauline and Yvette.

Anything Goes

First:  203.  Ulla

Second:  108.  Julie P

Third:  3.  Pamellia

Our congratulations to Ulla, Julie and Pamellia.

Sweet 16

First:  1.  Ria

Second:   6. Deanne

Third:  9. Marilyn

Our congratulations to Ria, Deanne and Marilyn.


First:  1.  Pamellia

Second:  4.  Steph

Third:  2.  Creaciones Isha

Our congratulations to Pamellia, Steph and Creaciones.


First: 76. Bilyana Kazakova

Second: 100. Sharon - Nellies Handmade Cards

Third: 24. Julie P

Our congratulations to Bilyana, Sharon and Julie.

Summer Holidays

First: 46.  Cheremane

Second: 50.  Dian

Third 54.  Sheena

Congratulations to Cheremane, Dian and Sheena.

Christmas in July

First: 93.  Pamellia

Second: 10.  Lisbeth

Third: 22. Bettina

Our Congratulations to Pamellia, Lisbeth and Bettina.

Thank You

First: 5.  Hazel (Didos)

Second: 6.  Julie B

Third: 26.  Lorraine A

Our congratulation to Hazel, Julie and Lorrairne.


First: 8.  Birgit

Second: 6.  Julie Gleeson

Third: 17.  Papersniffer

Our congratulations to Birgit, Julie and Wendy.

Butterflies and Bees

First: 6.  Kevin

Second: 16.  Glitterarti .......Card Creations by Barbara Daines

Third: 22.  Red Obsession Cards

Congratulations to Kevin, Barbara and Teresa.

Blue and White

First: 8.  Jen Leeflang

Second: 35. Kathie'z Kardz

Third: 7. Lynne

Congratulations to Jen, Kathie and Lynne.

Big Birthdays

First: 10. Anatalise

Second: 12. Liz

Third: 6. Coops

Congratulations to Anatalise, Liz and Coops.


First: 20. Angela Jervis

Second: 34. Lisa F

Third: 52. Gro Tjeltveit

Congratulations to Angela, Lisa and Gro.


First: 46. Min hobbyverden

Second: 89. Helen (Crafty Mamma Mia)

Third: 13. Bonnie Irvine

Our congratulations to Min, Helen and Bonnie.


First: 26. Phi

Second:  14. Papersniffer

Third: 7. Lisbeth

Congratulations to Phi, Wendy and Lisbeth.


First: 88. Min Hobbyverden

Second: 48. Laila - aka Koneko

Third: 56. Lorraine C M


First: 1. Kate T

Second: 2. BG Payne Crafts


First: 63 Vibekke

Second:  64 Lisa S

Third: 70 Lorraine C M


First: 18 Sara S

Second: 11 Eva Jansson

Third: 19 Pat P

Anything Goes

First: 57 Ane Lene

Second:  84 Eva's Scraproom

Third:137 Marjo

Snow & Sparkles

First: 7 Dee


Second: 18 Pat P

Third: 6  Cely


First: 125

Second: 131 Mags

Third:  76  Maya

Storybook Characters

First: 3 KT Fit Kitty

Second: 29 Gail Scott

Third: 32 Becky G


First:  1  Chriss R

Second: 3 Kim T

Third:  5 Alyce


First: 8 - Birgit

Second: 7 - Coops

Third: 78 - J Atterbury Creations


First: 57 - Ellapu

Second: 15 - Tanvi

Third: 98 - Pat K

Sweet Treats

First:  2 - Maya

Second:  11 - Katie Tate

Third:  5 -Debbie S

A is for Apple

First: 11 - Bev Cole

Second: 16 - Ardilla

Third:  7 - Jamie

Last Days of Summer

First:  11 - Carol Gill

Second: 8 - Desire Fourie

Third: 18 - Mian Hahne

Christmas in August

First: 102 - Kate

Second: 11 - Scrappellen

Third: 41 - Debbie Fisher

Die cuts

First: 103 - Gail Scott

Second: 169 - Mags

Third: 58 - lalkygirl


First:  Number 89 Lorraine A

Second:  Number 3 Tracy Brossart

Third:  Number 55 Peggy R


First: Number 6 Michelle

Second: Number 1 An

Third: Number 10 Scatty Jan

Anything but Square

First:  Number 97 Anreda

Second:  Number 20 Julie P

Third: Number 62 Niki1

Pink Butterflies

First: Number 17 Coops

Second: Number 3 Dewi Lestari

Third: Number 27 Sarah


First: Number 28 Cara

Second: Number 17 Lisette


Third: Number 31 Beth F


First: Number 64 Ane Lene

Second: Number 120 R Meyers

Third: Number 173 Karen P

Use a Stamped Character

First: Number 94 Scrapellen

Second: Number 92 Silvia

Third: Number 121 Janiel


First: Number 10 Nikki P

Second: Number 67 Beth F

Third: Number 8 Lisette


First: Number 33 Kirsten

Second: Number 26 Lis-m

Third: Number 17 Lisette


First: Number 146 Karina

Second: Number 44 Kirsten

Third: Number 188 Claire C

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed or Something Blue

First:  Number 35 Jennifer H

Second: Number 108 Donna Ellis

Third: Number 72 Sue W

Out of Your Comfort Zone

First: Number 37 Alyce

Second: Number 22 Sue U

Third: Number 42 Audrey E

Blue & White

First: Number 23 R Meyers

Second: Number 43 Pia#

Third: Number 3 Tracey M


First: Number 41 Katie

Second: Number 54 Beacarona
Third: Number 31 Ann

Black & Bright

First:  Number 7  Eva's Scraproom

Second:  Number 1 Sue W

Third:  Number 21 Margie Calenda

Lads Tags

First: Number 1 Pia

Second:  Number 10 Fluffycraft

Third:  Number 4 Melissa Sunshine Honey Bee


First:  Number 140  Betty CH

Second:  Number 114 Sheena

Third:  Number 123 Lozzy

Anything Goes

First:  Number 225 butterfly

Second:  Number 280 Tracy Payne

Third:  Number 278 Lisette


  1. thanks for featuring me as your third in the winter challenge :D

  2. It would be really helpful if you could say if the latest winners will appear at the top or bottom of this page, and if you added dates to your challenge titles here too. Just saying.

  3. Thank you a lot for picking me in the Top 3! Congratulations to Sonia and Jennifer!


  4. Thank you for choosing me as third place in Add a Sentiment Challenge. Congratulations to the 1st and 2nd place winners

  5. OMGoodness, thanks so much for choosing my sweet little snowmen as your first top 3 in the Christmas challenge! I'm thrilled and very honored! Congrats to the other two ladies!

  6. Thank you so much for pick My card as top 3 in use a sentiment and monocromw challenge :))) thank you very much !!!!! Congratulations to The other ladies:). Hugs cicci vid Pennan

  7. Thanks for picking me as the winner for your 'all squared up' challenge, congrats to top three!

  8. Thank you so much for picking my Winter Wonderland Christmas card as your winner, very chuffed and honoured to have been picked x

    1. It is a fabulous card Karen, thank you for entering it into the Challenge.